Our History
Cherry Valley Hotel & Ohio Event Center

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Aug. 2021



Aug. 2021





Our History

Take a journey through time when you explore our property's history in Licking County.


Our unique floor plan pays homage to the Octagon Earthworks built by the Hopewell Native Americans between 100 BCE and 400 CE. The 50-acre complex was constructed to be a lunar observatory. When viewed from the observatory mound, the moon rises at the octagon’s exact center.

To honor this local history, the Cherry Valley Hotel was designed in a similar, octagonal shape.


Of Ohio’s 88 counties, Licking County has the 5th highest deer population. The county is named after the Licking River, which earned its title from the salt licks near the river’s banks. These salt licks brought thousands of deer to the area, making it a popular place for game hunting.

The Cherry Valley Hotel property reflects this local history. From 1993 to 2017, the hotel was a lodge-style hunting resort. The walls were decorated with animal skins, hunting trophies, and exposed wood finishings.

With our $20 million renovations in 2019, the Cherry Valley Hotel became more refined. Determined to match our new aesthetic, the deer ditched their old furs and traded them out for sophisticated suits. We are proud of this transformation and display their new portraits in each guest room.


The Woodhull Ballroom

Our Woodhull ballroom is named after Victoria Woodhull, a Licking County native born in Homer, Ohio. Woodhull was a staunch women’s suffrage advocate and the first woman to ever run for President of the United States back in the 1872 election.

The Denison Room

Our Denison ballroom is named after Denison University, located just four miles away from the hotel. Founded in 1831, the university was committed to anti-slavery activism and women’s education. By the end of the Civil War, men and women entered classes side by side. Today, Cherry Valley Hotel is a cherished meeting space for Denison Alumni.